8.5" LCD Writing Tablet Drawing Pad, Erasable E-writer, Office Writing Board, Digital Drawing Pad, Doodle Board

8.5" LCD Writing Tablet Drawing Pad, Erasable E-writer, Office Writing Board, Digital Drawing Pad, Doodle Board

Price: 199.00
Minimum Order: 1 pice

Mobile Number: 01931125727

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Maa Electronics House Dhaka 198-202, Nawabpur Road, Nawabpur Tower. Bangladesh


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  • The best gift tablet for kids and adults
  • An 8.5-inch drawing tablet is suitable for children and adults and can be used for note-taking, counting and language learning.
  • A writing tablet is an integral part of your gift list.
  • Newest LCD Pressure-Sensitive Technology: This LCD writing tablet for kids adopting the newest LCD pressure-sensitive technology, it creates lines of different thickness based on how hard you push, like writing with a pen on paper.
  • Eye Protection: The kid's doodle board adopts LCD screen, no radiation, no glare, it's safe and comfortable when children use for a long time.
  • Environmental-friendly: One writing tablet can repeat 100,000 times and can be erased with a single button, without charge or connection. The inside battery can be used for at least 6 months. If the battery is exhausted, it can be replaced.
  • Lightweight & Portable & Durable: The 8.5-inch size of mini LCD drawing board would make it easy to take in school bag or backpack, which make it easy to be carried out everywhere.
  • The Best Gift: The best birthday, Christmas gift for children, allow kids easy to use. Children will be very safe and enjoy the most beautiful indoor & outdoor time, funny and amazing, your kids would definitely love it!

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