পাইকারি দাম : 1600 - 1800
সরবনিম্ম অর্ডার : 5
ডেলিভারি সময় : 3
ব্র্যান্ড : EXCEL
মডেল নাম্বার : EXCEL X-Y297BT
মোবাইল নাম্বার : +8801720296834
ইমু নাম্বার : +8801720296834
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Product details

EXCEL X-Y297BT 2.1 multimedia speakers is an ultra-compact speaker that improves your audio experience with powerful, room-filling sound. Elevate your sound experience with EXCEL X-Y297BT 2.1 multimedia speakers deep bass, knockout sound quality. Tune the volumes and equalizer with remote control. Integrated Bluetooth technology makes it easier to enjoy wireless sound around the house. It also comes with built-in features including USB / SD card support, FM streaming and remote control.


2.1 Sound System

EXCEL X-Y297BT multimedia speakers 2.1 sound system comes with 2 high resolution satellite speakers which is built with 2 powerful speakers for loud and extended sound quality and 1 powerful woofer for authentic and precise sound. It gives you the performance to experience more realistic and more immersive sound.


EXCEL X-Y297BT 2.1 multimedia speakers make it easy for wireless music around the house. Just simply connect the speaker to Your Bluetooth and listen to anything in your playlist. Enjoy wireless freedom with EXCEL X-Y297BT 2.1 multimedia speakers.

Stylish Design

Cutting Edge design of EXCEL X-Y297BT 2.1 multimedia speakers fit into any space, any room in your home. The sleek black design integrates seamlessly, outstanding shaped speakers that keep the profile low and pump out big sound.

LED Display

Built-in LED display shows you speakers volume level, frequency range, equalizer, and so many more. Special light effect reflects in your room and looks spectacular at night or dark.


EXCEL X-Y297BT 2.1 Multimedia Speakers give you the opportunity to listen to FM radio with the best sound quality and the clarity of the channels is very high. You can shift to channels easily with the remote control. The FM doesn’t require any external antennas as the signal strength is good enough for the stable connection.

Remote Control

With the remote control you can get the full advantages to control the sound, bass, volume level, and equalizer. The remote is operated by portable batteries and the best way to live with music. The signal strength is pretty great and it can control the speaker from a distance.

General Specifications

Color: Black

Body: Wooden cabinet

Weight: ~2

Audio Specifications

Maximum Recommended Amplifier Power: 6W + 3W x 2 =12W RMS

Power: AC 220-240V, 50-60Hz

Sub-woofer Frequency Response: 100Hz ~ 20KHz

Woofer: 4”

Satellites: 4”*2

আরো পণ্য সমূহ

( মেমোরি কার্ড মোডিউল ) Micro SD TF Card Module

155 taka - 160 taka ( pice)

বিস্তারিত পড়ুন


35000 - 120000

বিস্তারিত পড়ুন
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